Casting Process

Please read our audition/casting process letter to better understand how the creative team at MYTP casts everyone in their roles:

MYTP Members, Parents & Guardians:

You have just experienced the audition and casting process, as it is a challenge for most of us, it comes
along with a huge sense of accomplishment! Some of you will be thrilled with your new awarded role,
however many will be disappointed…this is a very natural feeling.

Like most, we all get our sights on a certain role we’d like to play in each show but realistically we must
remember that there might be 30 other Cast Members (or more) setting out to gain that same goal. Prior to auditions, we coach each member with their acting, singing and dancing skills so that they can prepare their audition accordingly and are able to perform comfortably with confidence to the best of their ability. Each person is encouraged to reach their own goals and desires as these vary from student to student. Class work (work ethic, attitude, attendance, taking instruction and follow through) is taken into more than half of the casting decisions. Our job as an “artistic team” consisting of a director, asst. director, musical director, choreographer, producer etc. is to place each Student where we see fit accordingly with their peers or the dynamics of that particular cast. If a member was in a different cast, the outcome might be totally different depending on the people that surround them. Sometimes the deciding factor has to do with height, experience (past or present) like fitting the puzzle pieces together. Each member also completed a questionnaire during class to help provide our creative team with further insight as to what they are looking for in a role and to gain from this theatre season.

We are a teaching theatre company, which means that you pay a fee for us to coach and guide your
Student with the different skills it takes for them to perform with confidence, gain a higher self-esteem with stage performance and guarantees them a character role in a show. This might not always be, if auditioning for a school play or for a community theatre. Sometimes actors audition hundreds of times before they are even called back for a second audition and even then, might be sent home! It takes many hours of practice and years of training to become a well-rounded performer.

It is our job as teachers and parents to encourage our youth to work towards their goals and enjoy the path along the way. Through gained experience in each show, they learn that they have been chosen for their particular role to make the best performance possible and we can guarantee they will enjoy the ride and be proud of their “finished product”. This is a team collaboration, not a one-man show!

We are always available for any questions, concerns or clarifications in regard to Casting, Show Week
schedule, Costume requirements etc. Please do not hesitate to ask!

Congratulations to all our Cast Members! Here is to a journey ahead.