Costumes: Maui

Penguins: Black bottoms (to ankles) and black long sleeve shirt. Add orange knee high socks, black sunglasses, dance shoes to match colour of pants.

General Notes:

If you can’t find these items in your closet or the regular stores you shop at; don’t forget that thrift stores often have the items that you’re looking for, especially if the colours we are asking you to find are not this season’s colours! Salvation Army and Once Upon a Child in Milton are great resources, as is the Value Village on Dundas at Winston Churchill. There are also some online thrift stores you can look into now such as Poshmark and ThredUp.

Please wear clothing only in the colours listed for your character. When we design the show we have specific looks for all the characters!

Please note: No Logos or writing on any clothing please.

Some cast members are playing more than one role, so make sure you read the entire list of requirements. There are some items that MYTP will be providing; these items are not listed on your costume requirements and will be provided during show week.

Please treat your costumes like costumes! Even if they are made of items found in your closet, once chosen, please leave them to the side and do not wear them out (to the store, school, etc.) until after show week.