Costumes: Super Stars


  • black dance shoes
  • cropped pants
  • knee socks
  • long or short sleeve (button up or not)
  • add suspenders and/or vest (newsies approved colours)
  • *MYTP has poor boy/news boy hats to supply Super Stars- feel free to provide your own if you have access or if you’d prefer your own

NEWSIES APPROVED COLOURS: browns, dark greens, navy, grey, maroons, rusts, solid, stripes, argyle, plaid. *no bright colours, no white, no black (only as accent/patterns)


  • Short hair: Brushed and gel back (will be wearing newsies hat on top)
  • Long hair: Two braids/french braids or high bun/pony on top of head, completed with gel/hairspray (to be pinned and tucked under newies hat)


  • To be announced.


Please feel free to get ideas and references from the Movie and Musical both on Disney plus and YouTube for costumes! Please be mindful of the time period of our show, 1899, when selecting required pieces.

*Many required costume pieces may not be in season or in current trends making them difficult to find new (for example capris or cropped pants), but it is simple enough to alter or adjust full length pants to be suitable (cutting, hemming or folding into required knee socks). 

If you can’t find these items in your closet or the regular stores you shop at; don’t forget that thrift stores often have the items that you’re looking for, especially if the colours we are asking you to find are not this season’s colours! Salvation Army, Plato’s Closet, and Once Upon a Child in Milton are great resources, as is the Value Village on Dundas at Winston Churchill. There are also some online thrift stores you can look into now such as Poshmark and ThredUp. Stores we like and find helpful in finding required pieces include; Amazon, Walmart, Old Navy, Children’s Place, Shein.

Please note:

  • No logos or characters on clothing.
  • Please wear clothing only in the colours listed for your character. When we design the show we have specific looks for all the characters!
  • Performing under hot stage lights and extra adrenaline and nerves, can cause stinky actors; remind you actor(s) to wear deodorant during rehearsal and performances!
  • Some cast members are playing more than one role; we have created a base look and MYTP will be providing the rest for all characters. This base look is to ease costume changes and comfort during fast pace  changes. Additional items may be provided by MYTP during show week.
  • Please treat your costumes like costumes! Even if they are made of items found in your closet, once chosen, please leave them to the side and do not wear them out (to the store, school, etc.) until after show week.

Hair/Make-Up: Standard requirements as shown on main Costumes/Hair/Makeup tab. Unless otherwise stated above. All hair, regardless of style, must be completed with gel, hair spray and bobby pins. MYTP recommends all actors (male, female, Super Star, Junior, Senior) wear makeup to highlight and define facial features under the bright stage lights. MY recommends all actors wear mascara (or fake eyelashes), define brows, blush and a natural lip colour.

Shoes: Jazz/Ballet shoes worn in rehearsal. Must be black shoes – all dance shoes can be spray painted, MYTP can complete this if needed.

Socks/Undergarments: Please be mindful of these choices (undergarments, comfort, straps, colours). Socks should match your pant or shoe colour, unless otherwise stated in your required pieces. Undergarments should not be able to be seen through your costume pieces. As well, for those wearing skirts and dresses, there must be shorts worn underneath.

Microphones: If your actor wears a mic (to be notified during class closer to show week), they must have a secure location for the “pack” to be located. This should not be on the costume itself! Please wear an additional sports bra or shorts (the tighter, the better).

ALL COSTUMES ARE TO BE CHECKED FOR APPROVAL BY DEC 9th 2022. A photo of your actor in all required pieces should be emailed to by DEC 9th.


If there are any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out. Be sure to start looking for costumes right away in case you need to order anything online or have trouble finding pieces, so that everything has arrived and is prepared by Dec 9th.  If you have any questions, concerns or difficulties please notify us ASAP so we are able to assist you with options or alternatives.