DE SOUZA School of Music

At the de Souza School of Music, we want artists to find vocal discovery through education as a way to grow their life skills: self-expression, self-discovery, gut instinct, and self-confidence are all goals for our students. We set goals together with students, and build the tools they need to achieve those goals at their pace, and at their level, thereby instilling a self-confidence through success. Young artists see that their choices can directly affect their ability to grow and improve.

One of the central focuses at the de Souza School of Music is responsible content creation. This means we tailor material choices to each and every singer, using all the tools we have at our disposal to make a song fit seamlessly to a singer’s current level and comfort.

That, combined with our focus on learning how to properly and responsibly create content, means our students can focus on what it takes to get a song from planning to performance. Final products show the kids the incredible growth they are capable of.


The foundation of our method is to work with young artists to grow their confidence, self-expression, self-trust and bravery.  As these grow, we see amazing discovery in their skills.


Creating a virtual environment that encourages young artists instead of boring them is a key factor in our philosophy.  We see the education value in a broad spectrum of music & artists, and we encourage our students to be an active part of curriculum, so they can be truly proud of their goals and accomplishments.


We want all artists we work with to be proud of the content they create.  We help find the right material, and then train with the intent to produce content that we can all be proud of for years to come.

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