de Souza School of Music

Our partnership with Darryn at the de Souza School of Music will continue in the new year!  Darryn continues to create new and exciting programming, all aimed at giving young artists the opportunity to grow in their love of music, while growing in their self-confidence, self-reflection, and self-discovery.

We’re proud to help Darryn announce the 2021 Winter and Spring season class schedule – in addition to 4 already-existing foundations classes, Darryn has created 9 new and exciting options for kids of different skill and experience levels to be a part of something special!

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Formative (6-8 years)  |  Monday’s 4:30-5pm

This program is for ages 6-8, providing participatory, engaging, and fun musical experiences for children in a group setting, inspiring creativity, love of music, and connection to one another and the world around them. During the 30 minute class, the students will be introduced to proper singing technique, sing and learn about many genres of music and songs that inspire self-esteem and creativity.


Up & Coming (9-12 years)  |  Monday’s 6-7pm

This is an intermediate course, where students sing in different group sizes. They are encouraged to find their personalities through their singing, and song choices reflect the energy that this group displays. There is self-reflection and music projects assigned, fostering a deeper study of music and a deeper understanding of the different benefits of music. Learning to understand one’s nervous and over-excited energy with the goal of focusing it is important. Students will learn to perform in larger and smaller groups, helping them become confident in their own abilities as performers.


Lost Boys (9-14 years, males only)  |  Monday’s 7-8pm

Let’s tackle the most challenging issue of every male singer’s life – growing into adolescence. Darryn designs exercises that are meant to help work through these challenging years with some grace and knowledge that you aren’t the only singer experiencing these challenges. This is a light class with emphasis on having fun through the search for new vocal discovery!


Elite (13-18 years)  |  Monday’s 5-6pm

This is an intermediate/advanced class. In this setting, constructivism is used to find new discoveries amongst our peers. Besides music projects, students are expected to record and submit singing projects for reflection and feedback from both peers and teacher. This is a class for students who are willing to spend time in and out of class to improve their personal performance abilities, as well as grow their understanding of themselves in a creative and challenging medium. Regular smaller group projects are used to support this course, with deliverables weekly.


6 weeks, 90 minute classes | Tuesdays, 4-5:30pm

We should celebrate the incredible artists that surround us!  Spend some time learning, enjoying and deep-diving into the music that inspires today’s biggest music.  The goal of this class is to include each student in a produced piece of content featuring a produced recording created just for this song!  This project-based 6 week workshop will give your young artists a benchmark for excellence as they create content with dedication, passion and creativity!


6 weeks, 90 minute classes | Tuesdays, 5:30-7pm

These project-based 6 week workshops will move at a medium pace, with time for students to work with Darryn on their performance, to be featured in a one-of-a-kind video featuring the students of each workshop.   Artist-themed and project-based, this workshop culminates in an amazing video for you to share with friends and family around the world.  Learn the basics of how to self-tape, get the best results, and work with other professional performers! Featuring a custom-made vocal arrangement by Darryn! A real chance for singers to shine!


6 weeks, 90 minute classes | Tuesdays, 7-8:30pm

An important part of the arts is giving back.  Creating memories in support of those that are fighting for us is an opportunity to honour them in music.  Join Darryn in a custom-created arrangement for this song and be a part of bringing this message to life!  Our inaugural project honours healthcare workers and first responders who have always kept us safe, especially now, during this unprecedented time.  This video will allow for participants to include personal photos or footage of the brave healthcare workers in their life.

We will conceive and create the track, producing the concept, form, and arrangement (both vocal and instrumental), mixing in vocals from the class and Darryn. 




Formative Class (6-8yrs)   |   Monday’s 4:30-5pm   |   $125/session

Up & Coming (8-12yrs)   |   Monday’s 6-7pm   |   $225/session

Lost Boys (9-14yrs)   |   Monday’s 7-8pm   |   $225/session

Elite (13-18yrs)   |   Monday’s 5-6pm   |   $225/session

Session 1: Jan 11 – Mar 8

Session 2: Apr 5 – Jun 7


Celebration Series   |   Tuesday 4:30-6pm   |   $250/session

  1. 90’s Disney
  2. Mega Musicals
  3. Songwriters

Outside the Box Vocals   |   Tuesday’s   |    $250/session

  1. Bruno Mars
  2. Alicia Keys
  3. Adam Levine

Gratitude Project   |   Tuesday’s   |   $250/session

  1. Good Job (Alicia Keys)
  2. Lean on Me (Bill Withers)
  3. Don’t Let Go (PJ Morton)

Session 1: Jan 12 – Feb 16

Session 2: Mar 2 – Apr 13

Session 3: May 4 – Jun 8



To register for any of the vocal classes with Darryn, CLICK HERE!