• Show Week, Workshop Period, Auditions, Rehearsal Period, Season, Program


  1. How is the program set up?
  2. What different programs do you offer?
  3. How many seasons does MYTP have year-round? And when do they run?
  4. What are the different age programs?
  5. What will my child be learning?
  6. Is everyone outgoing and theatrical at MYTP? What if my child is shy; will they fit in?
  7. Do you need any previous experience with performance to join?
  8. What will my child get out of the program by the end of the season?
  9. How can I guarantee my child gets a part?
  10. When do classes run?
  11. How does each night work?
  12. Can my child try a class before fully committing to the show?


  1. How much is the fee for each season?
  2. How do I make payments for a season/program? Do I have to pay it all at once?
  3. Is there a family discount?

Behind the Scenes

  1. Do you have parts that take place behind the scenes?
  2. How can I (as a parent) be involved in MYTP?
  3. Will this program help my child get into a post-secondary arts school?