Behind The Scenes

Do you have parts that take place behind the scenes?

  • All parts involved in the programs are on stage parts. Although, we are made up of many casts and students 14+ that wish to learn more about the backstage workings of a production are more than happy to volunteer with us during the other casts shows.

How can I (as a parent) be involved in MYTP?

  • Check out our “Family and Friends” page under “Programs” if you want to be involved on stage. Or if you want to volunteer backstage, we have lots of opportunities with costumes, props, set building, spotlights, stagehands, etc. Send us an email at to inquire further!

Will this program help my child get into a post-secondary arts school?

  • Most importantly, our programs will give experience and the knowledge of how a production is put together. It will help build confidence and other skills necessary for performing. We do provide reference letters for students as many post-secondary schools request them.