• Show Week – The week when we move into the professional theatre space. During this week there are technical rehearsal, dress rehearsals and shows.
  • Workshop Period – The first 2-4 weeks of the season. It’s during these weeks where students learn essential skills to prepare for auditions and rehearsals.
  • Auditions – All junior and senior students perform auditions to help determine the role they are casted into. These take place after the workshop period and include performing a short monologue and musical theatre song.
  • Rehearsal Period – All weeks after the auditions until show week. It is during the rehearsal period when students learn the acting, singing, and dancing required for the show.
  • Season – The entire period of time spent working on a production. Currently, there are two seasons. Fall (September to February) and Spring (March-May).
  • Program – Refers to all the material taught from the beginning to end of the season. There are a variety of different programs depending on age, theatre and vocal.