How is the program set up?

  • At the beginning of every season, we have a workshop period for 2-4 weeks where students will learn essential skills for when the rehearsal period begins. After the workshops we begin the auditions, casting and then rehearsals.

What different programs do you offer?

  • We offer classes/rehearsal to participate in our full-scale musical each season as well as a variety of vocal classes that run all year (Sept-May).

How many seasons does MYTP have year-round? And when do they run?

  • Fall Season (Sept.-Feb.)
  • Spring Season (Mar.-May)
  • March Break Camp (March)
  • Summer Camps (July-Aug)

What are the different age programs?

  • Shining Stars (4-6 years)
  • Mini Stars (7-8 years)
  • Juniors (9-13 years)
  • Seniors (14-17 years)

What will my child be learning?

  • Your child will be learning skills in acting, singing and dancing. As well they will be learning essential skills in working as a team player, building confidence and becoming a well-rounded performer.

Is everyone outgoing and theatrical at MYTP? What if my child is shy; will they fit in?

  • Of course they will fit it! Theatre is a place for the different and shy and outgoing and same. We are accepting of all people and this program is created to help everyone build confidence.

Do you need any previous experience with performance to join?

  • Absolutely not! We take people of any experience level.

What will my child get out of the program by the end of the season?

  • A chance to experience a full production from audition to performance. They will learn skills in acting, singing and dancing and hopefully become a more comfortable and confident person.

How can I guarantee my child gets a part?

  • Every student involved in the theatre program plays a role on stage.
  • Junior and Senior groups have an audition that will be taken into account with the participation of the workshop period to determine casting.
  • Shining Stars and Mini Stars work in group form to build on confidence and self esteem on stage in front of an audience, an environment that most are not familiar with.

When do classes run?

  • Once a week at varying times. Please see the specifics under the “Programs” tab for more information.

How does each night work?

  • Each night is it’s own full cast made up of shining stars, mini stars, juniors and seniors. The shining stars and mini stars will work together some of the time and the juniors and seniors will work together some of the time. Closer to the show, all age groups work together during each individual night.

Can my child try a class before fully committing to the show?

  • There will always be a workshop period at the beginning of the season. If your child wants to come participate during that to see a little bit of what we do first before committing, that is not a problem, although the non-refundable $100 deposit is still required.
  • It is recommended that students experience a whole season before making judgements on the program. The workshop period and the rehearsal period are different from each other and seeing the final product put together during show week is really an experience that everyone should have!