Vocal: Alex

Welcome to VOCAL! As we are in a virtual setting, we ask that you begin to learn your vocal online and at home. Below you will see a list of ALL of the songs you are in, and below that is a vocal warmup video and guidance video for each song with our Vocal Instructor, Nicole.

Start learning these songs using your scripts, the music online and these guidance videos. Once we are back in class, we will be polishing and working with the songs/dances/blocking together, so we need you to get ahead of the game and know the material beforehand! If you have any questions, you can always send us an email and we will be sure to help you out.

#1 “Showtime:

#4 “Wild and Free”

#5 “Best Friends”

#8 “Relax, Be Cool, Chill Out”

#9 “Grand Central”

#15 “I Like to Move It”

#16 “Steak”

#18 “Living in Paradise”

#24 “King of Madagascar”

#26 “Together Forever”

#28 “I Like to Move it (reprise)”