Vocal: Chief Tui, Sina

Welcome to VOCAL! As we are in a virtual setting still with Vocal, it is required for you to learn your vocal online and at home. Below you will see a list of ALL of the songs you are in, and below that is a vocal warmup video and guidance video for each song with our Vocal Instructor, Katie.

You will learn these songs using your scripts, the music online and these guidance videos. We will then polish and work with the songs/dances/blocking together closer to the show date. Treat these Vocal Videos like an extension of class. You will still need to practise the songs after you watch these videos, just like you will need to continue to practise blocking and choreography after you learn it in person. If you have any questions, you can always send us an email and we will be sure to help you out.

#3 – “Where You Are (Part 1)”

#5 – “Where You Are (Part 2)”

#39 – “We Know the Way (Finale)”

#40 – “Bows”

“WE KNOW THE WAY (FINALE)” – Solos (This was worked on in-person with Katie, so there is no vocal video)