Vocal Ensemble


Why Vocal?

Singing is a natural part of all of us. We all respond to music. Gaining skills to express ourselves musically can be an important builder of a young person’s self-confidence. Many students come to MYTP afraid to sing out; we aim, however, to give them the tools to feel good about their abilities, and through this, we are able to help build a sense of self-esteem. Singing is not only about winning competitions and getting the big solo. It is about having every participant working hard to feel they are giving their best effort to the group to create a synergy that makes each singer excel. This sense of group work is the foundation for our classes.

All classes for the 2020-2021 season will take place virtually! All group classes will be instructed by Darryn de Souza in correlation with the DeSouza School of Music. All private vocal lessons with be instructed by Katie Preisner.

Group Vocal

Our partnership with Darryn at the de Souza School of Music will continue in the new year!  Darryn continues to create new and exciting programming, all aimed at giving young artists the opportunity to grow in their love of music, while growing in their self-confidence, self-reflection, and self-discovery.

We’re proud to help Darryn announce the 2021 Winter and Spring season class schedule – in addition to 4 already-existing foundations classes, Darryn has created 9 new and exciting options for kids of different skill and experience levels to be a part of something special!

To learn more are register for Group Vocal classes with Darryn: CLICK HERE!

Private Vocal

Some students want more one-on-one training time in vocal. Private vocal classes offer the ability to work in a much more personalized atmosphere, where classes can be tailored to the specific vocal needs of a student. This type of training is for students who are already comfortable singing alone. Students who are still building confidence are encouraged to join group vocal classes to help them gain the tools to feel more secure when singing.

In Private Vocal, students are expected to work on their homework during the week, and sometimes they are given background studies to help them understand the context of what they are learning. This class requires more input from students, and is aimed to challenge even the most advanced singer. Self expression is an important aspect of these classes. Students are taught to strengthen the voice they already have through many songs, as well as vocal exercises. Some students spend entire classes only on technique to help them change weak singing habits.

*Private Vocal is available by invitation only; students and parents must discuss this option with the Vocal Teacher, to see if it is the best choice.*

**Students that wish to take Royal Conservatory Exams are welcome to take private lessons. Typically, a student can take a grade level exam in June after a year of preparation. Our instructors are versed in practical exam preparation as well as rudiments, harmony and history exams. Royal Conservatory grades can be used towards high school credits as well as prepare students for post-secondary music programs.

Class Offered on: Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays or Thursdays
Time: 30 min time slots between 5:30 – 8:30pm
Cost: $300/term (Sept-Dec, or Jan-Apr)

To register for Private Vocal classes with Katie, CLICK HERE!