Shining Star Vocal (5-7 years)

Rhythm and Rhyme is a music program for ages 5-7 providing fully participatory, engaging, and fun musical experiences for children in a group setting, inspiring creativity, love of music, and connection to one another and the world around them. This is accomplished by incorporating joyful singing, rhythm making, and creative movement. During a 45 minute class, the students will play age appropriate percussion instruments working on rhythm patterns and coordination, dance along with fun and interactive action songs, learn traditional children’s folk songs as well as songs from cultures around the world, sing and learn about theatrical music, sing echo songs, call and response, and songs that inspire self esteem and creativity.

Class Offered on: Tuesdays
Time: 5:30 – 6:15 p.m.
Cost: $295
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A BIG thank you to all the directors. You guys are incredible! Every time I was met at the door with  a smile and positive attitude while dropping off and picking up my children. My girls loved their opportunity to shine and that was because of all of you who made them feel important and needed. While I am so appreciative of each individuals talents, I thank you for running the performances as a team!
The makeup, costuming, lighting, sound, sets and staging crew were fantastic that it was easy for the audience to forget all that goes on behind the scenes as it seemed seamless. They say it takes a village to raise a child, thank you for being a part of my daughter’s village.  
– Sherri

The show was so much fun to watch, what great talent. We thoroughly enjoyed it!
– Maria

You and your team are amazing! Congratulations!  
– Penny