MEMBERS: New updates!

First of all, congratulations to all of our cast members on coming in to audition this week! We are busy casting to give out roles next week, and so a couple of reminders as we move forward for our members:

  1. Our show week schedule is up! Which also means that tickets are on sale! Make sure you check to see all of the times your cast is supposed to be at the theatre during show week and be sure to get your tickets for your “General Public” show.
  2. Starting next week we will be giving out scripts and roles. Please keep in mind that we will not be giving out scripts if there is no payment or payment plan in place for the program. 
  3. There is a new newsletter up in the Members Only Section regarding more details as we get further into the rehearsal process. It is very important that all members read this carefully and thoroughly so that no information is missed!

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