Members: Costume requirements posted!

Things are really getting under way as  everyone has now been cast and we began the rehearsal process last week! Below is some more information for members as we move forward and get closer to show time.

Costumes requirements are now posted! Visit the website and keep in mind that you will be required to bring your required costume to theatre during the week of April 24.

Missing class/rehearsal: Please remember that we are all a part of a team and missing rehearsals can have an effect on the whole cast. We only learn the material once and then work and polish afterwards. So, if there is any reason you will not be attending class, please be sure to make it up during a different cast of that week. We run from Monday to Thursday.

Music: It is very important that you have the music outside of class in order to practice at home. Please talk to your instructors about how to access this if you don’t already have it.


Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Excited to get back to rehearsals this week!


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