Check it out! New updates!

Newsletter #2 is now up! Please take a look as it contains important information as we get closer to show week. (Check it out here).

Our Costume Parade is next week (starting April 22nd) – This means that you must wear the costumes pieces you are required to provide to class. If you have ordered something and it has not arrived yet, let us know what items those are when you present the rest.

Also, a couple of weeks ago on Thursday, April 6th, one of the cast members left with someone else’s jacket and left the one pictured below, behind. Please take a look and see if you recognize this jacket. If it is yours, you may have taken the wrong one with you when you left rehearsal. They look similar, but the one that was taken was more purple in colour, light weight and a size 10/12. There is also a pouch on the inside that the coat can be packed into. If you mistakenly took this wrong jacket, please let us know so that we can get it back to who it belongs to (we will have the one pictured below at rehearsal).



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