Aladdin Jr. Cast Party Announcement!!

Lights, Camera, Action! For this season’s Cast Party we will be having a private viewing of Disney’s Aladdin at the Milton Cineplex on Sunday June 2nd 2019!

All cast members are invited, however there is a ticket cost of $5.00 each. As seats are limited, it is first come, first serve; no seats will be held without payment. Tickets can be purchased via cash, cheque (made out to MYTP), or e-transfer. Shining Star and Mini Star members (4-8yrs) are required to have one parent/guardian (per family) accompany them (ticket required).

As of Thursday April 25, 2019, remaining tickets will be available to parents of other cast members and the Family and Friends cast to purchase!

The concession stand will be open and discount vouchers will be given out with your admission ticket. Milton Cineplex will open at 9:00am on Sunday June 2nd, 2019, and the film will start at 9:45am.

Hope to see you all there!!



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