Hello all Aladdin cast member!

To all shining star, mini star and junior members: For this last rehearsal, please come to rehearsal in full costume and with hair done as it would be during show week at the theatre (no makeup).

As well, for those that reserved seating for the cast party on June 2nd, additional information will be handed out in class this week. (Please ask the student when they get in the car on pick up!)

Please be aware that it is very important that all cast members are present at their own rehearsal night this week as it will be their last time running through before they are in front of an audience!

For junior members: As stated in class, you are more than welcome to come to another night’s cast rehearsal this week to watch from the audience perspective (it will also allow you to be in the theatre environment and ask any questions you may have). Though we encourage these additional class opportunities, please keep in mind that during this week, the only people that will be allowed to perform on the stage space will be the members of that specific night’s cast.

Hope you’ve all had a great weekend and are getting excited as show week is just around the corner!



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