Aladdin Jr. Members: Headshots this week!

Hello Everyone!

This is a reminder to all Aladdin Jr. cast members that we will be doing headshots this week (starting tonight!). Please come to your rehearsal prepared for your photo if you match ANY of the following criteria:

  • You are currently a shining star or mini star member
  • You are a junior member that was NOT in High School Musical (HSM)
  • You were in HSM as a mini star and are now a junior member in Aladdin
  • You were in HSM but did not get your headshot taken

If you already got your photo taken in HSM, we still have those headshots for our Aladdin show, so you will not be taking photos this week.

Please keep in mind that all rehearsals will still happen as regular, at normal times for all cast members. Photo’s will be happening throughout. 


Thanks and enjoy the rest of your weekend! See you this week!


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