RE: Aladdin Costumes for JUNIOR members

Hello Everyone,
As per some confusion regarding the number of costumes required for some JUNIOR members, and whether there are different costume requirements for Act 2, please see below.
The following characters are the only actors who must provide two costumes: Aladdin, Babkak, Omar, Kassim. (Both costumes are detailed on
As for the Ensemble, you are all Agrabahns. Only one costume is required for Ensemble/Agrabahns. This is the same for Shop Owner, Fortune Teller, Apple Vendor, and Beggars as well.
The Attendants become a part of the Ensemble/Agrabahns in Act 2.  Their basic costume is the same for both Acts; MYTP will be providing additional pieces for Act 1, and then they can add a vest and/or sash in Act 2, if they would like.
As well, if you are still having trouble finding costumes in general, please be sure to look at the website on a desktop as there are some links to outfits that may not be as visible on a mobile device. Though, anyone that is still searching, try looking at local thrift stores and shops in town beyond looking online.
We hope this clears any confusion up, if not please contact Andrea at

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