Frozen; Two more weeks before show!

Hi Everyone,

With show week quickly approaching and as mentioned last week, please be sure to wear FULL costumes (including what you wear underneath, socks and shoes) to all remaining rehearsals. This includes any costume change pieces to practise while running through the show and hair done as it would be for show days. This includes wigs on fully and securely! Anyone having trouble with wigs can get help at rehearsal but hair must be tied back and slicked back ready for the wig to go on and bring bobby pins!

See you this week!

Frozen Parent/Guardian Meeting

Hi Everyone,

This is a reminder that starting tomorrow (Sunday, January 19), there will be a parent/guardian meeting in the first 30mins of each class time throughout the week. This includes all shining star, mini star, and junior/senior class times. It is very important that all cast members have a parent/guardian present as it will have important information regarding our Frozen show week that is coming up!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend! See you this week!

Welcome Back to Frozen Jr!

Hi Everyone,

Hope you all had a fabulous holiday! We are off to a great start back with the season, with only five weeks of classes left before we move into the theatre!

There is a new newsletter posted on the website with new updates as we move closer to show week: Please be sure to read all information and ask any questions you may have, now, rather than the week of show!

Also – if you are interested in ordering a cast t-shirt, please be sure to order online this week as final orders will only be taken until Jan 15th 2020.

Jan 15th 2020 is also the deadline for ordering the headshot photos. If you need an order form, please ask for one at rehearsal.

Welcome back, everyone! Happy New Year!


Frozen Jr. UPDATES

Hi Everyone,

Things are rolling and there is lots to keep in mind as we get further into the season. Please take note of the following updates:

  • HEADSHOTS (Photo Week) starts this coming Sunday, Nov. 17 2019 on your regular scheduled night/class time (this week only). Come with your hair brushed and your smiles ready!
  • Costume requirements are up on the website – please be sure to look at these and ask any questions sooner rather than later as we are asking everyone to start bringing in pieces the week of Dec. 1 2019
  • Check out the November Newsletter for further updates and important information:

Hope you all have a fabulous and safe weekend!


Casting Week / Halloween

Hi Everyone!

This is a reminder that all Junior and Senior cast members MUST bring a parent/guardian with them to the first 30mins of class this week for a meeting before casting goes out. If there is no parent/guardian, students will not be allowed to take their script home with them. As well, please be sure to bring your dance shoes, as the same rule applies; no script until we ensure you have your shoes.

THURSDAY CAST MEMBERS: There is no class on Halloween, which means you must make-up your class on a different night this week. (Sun 3-5pm or 5:15-7:15pm or Mon-Wed 7-9pm). For shining and mini stars it is not mandatory, though you can come to another class if you like.

Shining Stars: Mon-Wed 6-7pm

Mini Stars: Mon-Wed 6:30-7:30pm

Also – this is Halloween week, so wear your costumes!!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Frozen Jr. reminders/updates

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone!

This is a reminder to all Sunday casts of Frozen that there is no rehearsal today! Please know that there is no required make up class, though if you are interested in joining us at another rehearsal this week (Monday-Thursday 7-9pm), you are more than welcome to come!

To all cast members, be sure to check out our new newsletter with updates and important information for the season posted on the website here:

And remember that auditions begin (juniors/seniors only) on your regular cast rehearsal night starting the week of October 20th. If you are unsure of where to begin, click here for audition prep:

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and see you all soon!