Don’t forget! MYTP is having a theatrical costume sale tomorrow, October 15th, 2017!

We’ve been running shows and musicals for the last 14 years and our stock pile is just getting a little too high! If you’re working on a production or simply looking to find an interesting costume for this Halloween, come visit us at:


Country Heritage Park (Gambrel Barn)

8560 Tremaine Rd. Milton

October 15, 12pm-4pm

*All proceeds are in aid of the Milton District Hospital Foundation


Hope you see you there!!


Newsletter #2 is online for Current Students! And we’re having a Costume Sale!

If you are a current member of The Little Mermaid Jr, please check the “Members” tab and click on “The Little Mermaid Jr.” for Newsletter #2. It is important you keep up-to-date with newsletters for information regarding classes, requirements and shows.



If you’ve got a production in the works or seeking out the perfect Halloween costume, come check out our costume sale!

MYTP celebrating it’s 15th anniversary season which means we’ve got 14 years of costumes and show pieces that are now on sale. Come see us at Country Heritage Park in the Gambrel Barn on Sunday October 15th 2017 between 12pm-4pm. All proceeds will be donated to the Milton District Hospital Fund.




Welcome to show day, everyone! A reminder that all campers will stay at camp right until the show so we can enjoy our Troy’s Diner dinner. All patrons are welcome to join at the Harrop Barn (4th driveway on your right after entering the south entrance – follow the MYTP flags all the way down to the Big Red Barn) at 5pm if you wish to eat and get set up. Show will start at 5:30pm! 

PLEASE BRING YOU OWN SEATING – lawn chairs, stools, etc.

See you then!

It’s Show Day for Tropic Cruise!!

Good Morning all!

It’s show day here at camp, so a couple of reminders for when you come:

  • Bring a lawn chair or blankets to sit on (the show will take place in the barn, in one location)
  • Campers will be staying at camp for dinner before the show
  • Show starts at 5:30pm, though patrons are welcome to come eat Troy’s BBQ dinner at 5pm
  • We will be having raffles and 50/50 draws, so bring those loonies and toonies!
  • As the show will take place at the barn – please follow the MYTP flags back to the big red barn (after entering the south entrance, take the 3rd right and follow until you see us).
  • When driving on the property – please DRIVE SLOW. This is for the safety of all people in the park.

Can’t wait to set sail with you all on our Tropic Cruise! See you then!

Congratulations! What’s next?!

Congratulations to all of the cast and crew that performed last week for Dear Edwina Jr! The show was fantastic and I hope everyone is now well rested and getting ready for summer!


Check it out! Every season that we have show, family and friends only get to go so far and unless you are performing in the show or helping out, most people don’t get an opportunity to really see what goes on backstage. So, this year we took a little video tour so that all of you can catch just a glimpse of the calm before the show!



Also, don’t forget that our cast party is on Sunday from 1-3pm at Country Heritage Park. It will be held at the Conestoga Building (take the SOUTH entrance and follow our MYTP flags all the way to the back). If you haven’t already, please be sure to RSVP via email –


Finally, as summer is approaching and you’re looking for something to do, join us at MYTP’s theatre camp (also taking place at Country Heritage Park, all summer)! If you want more info or to register, click here.


Otherwise, thank you so much for the wonderful Spring season at MYTP. Hope to see you all this Summer or this coming Fall for The Little Mermaid Jr.!



Kim / Jasmin / Katie / Hannah / Darryn