New Programs and Show Availability! (Virtual and In-Person)

Hi Everyone!

We hope you’ve had a great holiday and adjusting well during this provincial lockdown. We wanted to remind you that we have new programs starting in the next few months (both virtual and in-person), and there is still availability in our spring production of Madagascar Jr! See below if you are looking for new activities to feed those creative minds!  

  • Creative Workshop Series (Starting March) – CLICK HERE
  • Darryn’s Vocal Groups (Starting January 11/12, March, and May) – CLICK HERE
  • Madagascar Jr. – available for Juniors, Shining Stars and Mini Stars (Starting March) – CLICK HERE

Chitty Chitty Bang Bang updates!

We hope everyone has been enjoying the Holiday season while keeping healthy and safe. To follow the province wide lockdown, we have extended our break and we are aiming to return to rehearsals Sunday January 17, 2021. We ask our members to please use this time to complete their Vocal video lessons and recordings ( as well review Choreography videos ( More details regarding the remainder of rehearsals and Show Week coming soon!

Also – Last chance to order your Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Cast T-shirt! Visit our website to order by December 30th.

Hope you all enjoy the rest of your holiday! Stay safe, keep strong, and be well!

Vocal Videos!

Hi Everyone!

As all of the students were/will be informed this week, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang vocal will be now taking place at home and online! Check out our ccbb vocal video page (

There you will find the list of songs your character(s) sings, vocal warm-up videos and guidance videos provided with our vocal instructor, Nicole, for each of the numbers.

To ensure you are working on learning your songs from home, you must send us an email before your class during the week of Jan. 3 (to with videos of you singing all of your songs. This is similar to the audition process with vocal. Please only send one version of the song, with the accompaniment track and only send one email with all of the videos/links to your songs.

In order to do this work from home, you need to pace yourselves. Split up your songs per week, so you can properly spend time on them, film yourself and then keep that video until you are done all before sending. You also need to ensure you have your MYTP USB with all of the music on it. If you still need the music, you can bring in your MYTP USB or pay the $10 fee at your regular rehearsal or any day of the week mon-thur from 6:30-9:30pm.

If there are parts of songs that you are struggling with and you need extra help, please send us an email so we can get you in touch with Nicole.

Also – don’t forget we have a new newsletter #4 posted (, be sure to get all of the updates before the holidays!

MYTP Updates!

Hi Everyone,

As Milton Youth Theatre Productions recognizes the current state of the Halton Region, we would like to assure you that we continue to implement safety practices ensuring the health of our students, staff, families and community. Temperature checks upon arrival, sanitizing stations, cohorts of ten or less, staggered class times, promoting physical distancing and mandatory masks at all times. All for one and one for all; the show will go on! Stay safe, keep strong and be well!

Also – congratulations to our students for a successful audition week for Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Jr! Keep an eye on your emails as casting will be sent out at various times this weekend. With casting, there will be new cohorts assigned (which means new class times), all starting next week (Nov 22). Rehearsal times will still fall between regular class times, and this new schedule will remain the same for the next 4 weeks until holidays.

Congrats again and see you next week!


To all Junior and Senior members of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang:

Reminder that auditions start this week (Nov 15-19) on your regular scheduled class! Please be sure to check you emails, as a message went out regarding class times changing.

You will be auditioning your DIALOGUE in class, and you will be auditioning your SONG via email (send two videos of yourself singing your audition song, one WITH the music and one WITHOUT the music to Both of these choices must be from the options on the website.

The song must be sent in anytime BEFORE your regular class this week! 

Have a great weekend, everyone and see you this week!

Halloween Dress-Up Next Week!

Hi Everyone,

As Halloween is approaching, we encourage all of our members to come dressed-up next week (Oct. 25-29) during your regular class time to show off your costumes! However you might be celebrating Halloween this year at home, we will still be celebrating at theatre!

Please note that whatever costume you wear, we ask that you leave any accessories at home and only wear what you will be comfortable wearing the entire class time. This way we can ensure that everything stays on our person! Thanks and see you next week!

Check it out!

As you may know, we have welcomed back one of MYTP’s co-founders, Darryn de Souza, as he will be teaching virtual group classes for vocal! If you want a closer look as what these classes might entail, click on the link to see the work Darryn and his students put together from their August workshop.


If you want more information or to register for vocal classes (taught by Darryn) or private vocal lessons (taught by Katie), please visit our “Vocal Ensemble” page at the following link:

Take care and hope to see you this Fall!

Vocal Ensemble and Private Lessons are OPEN!

This year for vocal ensemble and private lessons, we are going virtual!

While Miss Katie will continue to teach our private lessons, we are also welcoming back one of our MYTP co-founders Darryn de Souza with a new mix of group vocal classes! Take a look at our vocal page for more information on all of our vocal programs, including scheduling and registration (

We are thrilled to continue our season with new changes to ensure we are being as safe as possible while continuing to practise our creative skills and build on our performance abilities.

We hope everyone has had a safe summer and we look forward to seeing you this Fall!