Reminder: No Rehearsal Tonight!

Happy Easter, to all!

Please be reminded that there are no rehearsals tonight (April 21), though we will see our Sunday cast members at one of our other rehearsals this week (Mon-Thurs from 7pm-9pm)! Hope everyone has had a great long weekend and see you all this week!




RE: Aladdin Costumes for JUNIOR members

Hello Everyone,
As per some confusion regarding the number of costumes required for some JUNIOR members, and whether there are different costume requirements for Act 2, please see below.
The following characters are the only actors who must provide two costumes: Aladdin, Babkak, Omar, Kassim. (Both costumes are detailed on
As for the Ensemble, you are all Agrabahns. Only one costume is required for Ensemble/Agrabahns. This is the same for Shop Owner, Fortune Teller, Apple Vendor, and Beggars as well.
The Attendants become a part of the Ensemble/Agrabahns in Act 2.  Their basic costume is the same for both Acts; MYTP will be providing additional pieces for Act 1, and then they can add a vest and/or sash in Act 2, if they would like.
As well, if you are still having trouble finding costumes in general, please be sure to look at the website on a desktop as there are some links to outfits that may not be as visible on a mobile device. Though, anyone that is still searching, try looking at local thrift stores and shops in town beyond looking online.
We hope this clears any confusion up, if not please contact Andrea at

Aladdin Jr. Members: Headshots this week!

Hello Everyone!

This is a reminder to all Aladdin Jr. cast members that we will be doing headshots this week (starting tonight!). Please come to your rehearsal prepared for your photo if you match ANY of the following criteria:

  • You are currently a shining star or mini star member
  • You are a junior member that was NOT in High School Musical (HSM)
  • You were in HSM as a mini star and are now a junior member in Aladdin
  • You were in HSM but did not get your headshot taken

If you already got your photo taken in HSM, we still have those headshots for our Aladdin show, so you will not be taking photos this week.

Please keep in mind that all rehearsals will still happen as regular, at normal times for all cast members. Photo’s will be happening throughout. 


Thanks and enjoy the rest of your weekend! See you this week!

Costumes and Newsletter!

Hi Everyone,

Please check out our most recent Newsletter #2 for all Aladdin Jr. members:

As well, all costume requirements are now up:

Please be sure to check these requirements as soon as possible as we ask all students to start wearing them to rehearsals starting the week of April 28 2019, which is the same week as our Parent Meeting #2!

Hope you’ve had a great weekend and see you all this week!

Aladdin Jr. Cast Party Announcement!!

Lights, Camera, Action! For this season’s Cast Party we will be having a private viewing of Disney’s Aladdin at the Milton Cineplex on Sunday June 2nd 2019!

All cast members are invited, however there is a ticket cost of $5.00 each. As seats are limited, it is first come, first serve; no seats will be held without payment. Tickets can be purchased via cash, cheque (made out to MYTP), or e-transfer. Shining Star and Mini Star members (4-8yrs) are required to have one parent/guardian (per family) accompany them (ticket required).

As of Thursday April 25, 2019, remaining tickets will be available to parents of other cast members and the Family and Friends cast to purchase!

The concession stand will be open and discount vouchers will be given out with your admission ticket. Milton Cineplex will open at 9:00am on Sunday June 2nd, 2019, and the film will start at 9:45am.

Hope to see you all there!!


Aladdin Jr. Reminder: Parent Meeting #1 (starts tonight, Mar. 24)

Hi Everyone,

This is a reminder to all JUNIOR members in Aladdin Jr. that everyone needs to bring in a parent/guardian to the beginning part of rehearsal this week. If there is no parent/guardian representative at rehearsal, the student will not be given their script to take home.

As well, please be sure to check out our new calendar posted in the members only section with all important dates for the season. (

Hope you had a great weekend and see you this week!




HSM Cast Party / Aladdin Welcome Letter

Well, High School Musical has officially closed in the theatre and we would like to congratulate everyone on a wonderful performance, show week and season! Join us for our final Cast Party on March 3rd @ Country Heritage Park (please see the members only newsletter page for more details).

Also – as we close one show, we are about to begin our next! Aladdin Jr. rehearsals will be starting the week of March 3rd. Please see the members only newsletter page for the first newsletter of the season!

Thanks and see you all soon!

RE: Tonight’s performance

To clarify:

If anyone feels unsafe travelling in the current weather conditions, it is okay if you cannot make it in and will not affect any other shows/calls. The show will still be happening and will be a beneficial call for anyone who can make it in, but we understand if you cannot.

Thank you and again, please be safe out there.


The Show Must Go On!

Hi Everyone,

Wanted to send out a quick note to let you know that the rehearsal/performance call scheduled tonight is still on (all casts called). Everything is continuing as scheduled. The show is set to begin at 7pm, so if possible, please arrive a few minutes early to get seated.

Thanks, be safe and see you tonight!